Natural hair effect is better
At present, cosmetics shops are dazzling, all kinds of hair care products have everything, but the price is expensive. You might as well make full use of cheap natural hair for your hair, which will clear up the embarrassment of your shyness and give your hair a natural beauty. The best of both worlds, why not?
The Empress Dowager Ci Xi still head UFA seventy years of age, very beautiful. It turned out that she loved to use "sweet divergence" of the reason. In fact, in the formula are divergent fragrant natural things, Lingling grass 30 grams, magnolia flower, rose 15 grams, 18 grams of licorice, sandalwood, Salvia 12 grams, angelica, asarum, clove, storax each 9 grams. The above medicine grinds into the thin noodles, uses Su Lian oil to mix well, after drying, then grinds thin, spreads on the hair, washes away later.
You may also be a crushed pear in the scalp and hair, or the ground and after hitting the pear raw egg and two tablespoons malt oil mixture, one can give your hair to protect layer excellent, so that is not easy to control the hair restoration into hair luster and easy material the.
Can also be half a cup of apple essence transferred two cups of water, and then spray on the hair, wash after 1 minutes, it can also increase the luster of the hair, add luster to the hair.
In fact, the brightness of the honey itself makes the hair shine. This natural because can make hair bright, so that it can be used for every kind of intense darkness without light hair. When making, you can mix 1 / 4 cups of honey, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice to produce a bright natural regulator.
If your hair is not only dry and brittle, it can be restored with a variety of unsaturated fats. If you use a good raw duck egg, add a spoonful of glycerin and a tablespoon of malt oil, adjust the temperature, then smear it evenly over the scalp and keep it for 10 minutes. Rinse the lemon melt solution with double use.
Speaking for the selection of unsaturated oils such as castor oil can be enhanced a lot, because of too much dressing or excessive exposure to sunlight and water painting becomes weaker as hair; linseed oil can make the stiff and difficult to head the friends become soft food. Its easy to get rid of them all, just two times.
In fact, the hair is hard and bad, in this case can be half a cup of hot water, add a packet of rubber powder, etc., and then add a packet of shampoo after washing or appropriate shampoo, slightly cool can be used to wash your hair. This shampoo can make a little hard hair more texture, the use of hair looks beautiful, the effect is better. (excerpt from medicine and health care)
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